‘Apex LIVE’ is the latest digital initiative from Apex Media’s new studio in Ruwi, Muscat.

The Concept

Apex Media has it’s finger on the pulse of Oman and deploying skilled journalists and videographers to communicate via the medium of social media we are able to engage a national, young, educated and affluent audience in a digital format in order to deliver relevant, timely content directly to desk top and mobile devices.

Apex LIVE places an emphasis on accuracy, brevity, fun and a determination to entertain as well as inform. In the digital age consumers want information on demand and packaged in a way that fits a busy, mobile lifestyle.

Broadcast each week on Instagram and Facebook, Apex LIVE will be filmed both ‘in-studio’ and on location presenting an outstanding opportunity for a unique branding campaign or tactical messaging. The connection with a ‘hard to reach’ demographic, with a particularly short attention span dictates the format.

Format for Apex LIVE

  • Weekly show of maximum 8 minutes. This is topic dependent and will normally run for maximum 4 minutes.
  • Filmed in-house and on location depending on subject matter.
  • Distributed on Instagram (IGTV) and Facebook.
  • Full length (uncut) interviews and shows hosted on the Muscat Daily YouTube channel and muscatdaily.com
  • Flexible sponsorship opportunities available.
  • Opportunities for sponsor involvement in programme content.