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Over 9,000 businesses are listed in our Business Directory in print and online. Even a Google search can't deliver the precise information we provide and this has been the foundation of success for over 35 years. Meticulous data gathering and accurate editing ensure that 'Business Directory' delivers the search results you are looking for.

Oman’s most comprehensive and accurate listing of business information is checked thoroughly and updated every year, with copies distributed throughout Oman.

Annual Print Run: 80,000 copies

Information is checked thoroughly and updated every year, with copies distributed throughout Oman. The directory is also accessible online with an extensive search facility.


Enhancing your 2020 Business Directory Listing

Creating your Corporate Video

Enhance your free listing in 'Business Directory 2020' with a 1 Minute bespoke corporate video hosted on :

Our skilled videography team will work with you to create a unique production that represents high quality content for additional utilisation on your corporate website and social media channels.

High quality production value'

Apex Media Video Productions are fast gaining a reputation for outstanding production values and highly competitive prices.

This is an excellent opportunity to bring your listing to life and communicate directly with yoiur existing and potential customers each time they search for you on Business Directory 2020.

The Process

Further to agreeing the 'storyboard' concept, we require no more than one day to visit your chosen location to shoot your video.

Once completed and edited, the final cut would be provided for your approval and further to any potential additional editing, your video would be live on our site for twelve months.

All this for only OMR 500

Call 968 95811887 to arrange an appointment.

Circulation: 80,000 Copies

  • Corporate & Private Sector65%
  • Industrial Areas10%
  • Ministry & Government Departments10%
  • Hotels10%
  • International Markets5%

Display advertising rate card

Premium positions
Specification (WxH) Size (WxH) Rate
Front Page with Gatefold RO 12,000
Back Page 255mm x 192mm RO 10,000
Inside Front Page 255mm x 192mm RO 6,000
Inside Back Page 255mm x 192mm RO 6,000
Spine RO 5,500
Brand Runners (First Section) RO 4,000
Brand Runners (Second Section) RO 3,500
Corner Advertisments
Specification (WxH) Size (WxH) Rate
1st 100 Pages RO 4,500
2nd 100 Pages RO 4,000
3rd 100 Pages RO 3,500
Book Mark RO 5,500
Page One (full page ad) RO 3,000
Card Position (full page ad) RO 2,750
First section colour (glossy)
Full Page 255mm x 192 mm RO 2,500
1/2 Page 255mm x 192 mm RO 1,600
First Section Size B & W Spot Blue Full Colour
Panel 190mm x 25 mm RO 455 RO 640 RO 705
Company logo RO 235 RO 315 RO 350
Highlighted index RO 145
Distributors logo RO 55
Second Section Size B & W Spot Blue Full Colour
Full Page 255mm x 192mm RO 1,680 RO 2,185 RO 2,410
3/4 Page 191mm x 192mm RO 1,460 RO 1,895 RO 2,085
1/2 Page vertical 255mm x 92mm RO 1,125 RO 1,450 RO 1,595
1/2 Page horizontal 125mm x 192mm RO 1,125 RO 1,450 RO 1,595
3/8 Page 90mm x 192mm RO 960 RO 1,245 RO 1,330
1/4 Page vertical 125 mm x 92mm RO 825 RO 1,140 RO 1,190
1/4 Page horizontal 60mm x 192mm RO 825 RO 1,140 RO 1,190
3/16 Page 90mm x 92mm RO 590 RO 745 RO 910
1/8 Page 60mm x 92mm RO 465 RO 615 RO 680
1/4 column (Text only) RO 335 RO 445 RO 475
Semi-display (Text only) RO 235 RO 310 RO 345
Bold listing RO 85
Bold listing with blue highlight RO 115
Additional entries RO 35
Industrial Section
One full page company profile and one full page advertisment on glossy pages RO 1300
Note: Trim size: 285mm (W) X 220mm (H), Print size: 255mm (W) X 192mm (H)
Premium AD costs: 25% premium for exclusive and special positions.
Specification (WxH) Size (WxH) Rate
Premium banner Top & Bottom (Horizontal) 1024 x 130 pixels (27cm x 3.4cm) RO 1500
Back Page 255mm x 192mm RO 10,000
Premium banner Left & Right (Vertical) 190 x 600 pixels (5cm x 7.9cm) RO 1000
Colour Logo 200 x 60 pixels (7cm x 2cm) RO 250
1 minute bespoke Corporate Video RO 500


Artworks must be supplied using PDF format only, for more technical data about saving ads in a PDF format contact, Tel: 24799388.


All material for the ads has to be supplied to us by 31st October 2021.

Advertising contact

Rahul Joshi
GSM: +968 95811887

**Business Directory makes every effort to produce your ads to the highest quality, however we do not take any responsibility for the quality of the printed material.