Creative and Flexible Solutions

Our social media & print platforms enjoy significant engagement due to the unique local nature of the content that we publish. We are creative and flexible in the solutions we develop for our commercial partners and look forward to discussing your next campaign.


Total Weekly Readership of 3/4 Million affluent, multi-cultural educated adults.


Likes are VANITY - Engagement is SANITY


24,500 Followers and growing


29,300 Followers - The fastest growing, most popular and engaging social media channel in Oman

Let's be SOCIAL

Apex Media has it’s finger on the pulse of Oman and through communication via the medium of social media we are able to engage a national, young, educated and affluent audience in a digital format in order to deliver relevant, timely content directly to our followers' devices.

We aim to entertain as well as inform. In the digital age consumers want information on demand and packaged in a way that fits a busy, mobile lifestyle.

Apex Media's ever growing social media channels present marketers with an outstanding opportunity for a unique branding campaign or tactical messaging. The connection with a ‘hard to reach’ demographic, with a notoriously short attention span dictates the format.

Our Social Media Philosophy...

  • Shared content is more important than 'likes'
  • Your marketing needs dictate the social platform we recommend
  • Digital executions should compliment your offline activity
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Images rule